Feel like your yields are improving while your margins erode?

We understand the immense resources and careful management you commit to producing high yields. Now, you can make smarter grain marketing decisions with the help of MarketVision, software based on agronomic data science and market analysis.

MarketVision helps you get better prices for the grain you produce.

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Improve your margins with MarketVision

Daily Farm Profitability

MarketVision looks at your crops, the weather, the markets, and your practices to give you an up-to-date breakeven price.

Sell & Hold Signals

Find opportunities through our market signals that apply technical analysis to a data science based view of Fair Market Value.

Dynamic Yields, Prices, & Costs

Find the delivery point with the best basis. See how a recent storm affects your forecasted yield. All available at the touch of a button.

From Enterprise to Field

Our software supports the way your enterprise is structured. Dig in to farms, fields, crops, crop-years, and contracts to see what’s making money and what’s not.

Daily M2M

You don’t have to copy & paste prices into a spreadsheet anymore. MarketVision will mark to market all of your unpriced contracts.

Easy Setup

It’s as easy as naming your farm and clicking on your county. Of course, you can go down to the individual field level if you want the most accurate forecasts.

Substantial Gains

Our backtests show an average 25¢ per bushel gain over USDA average prices in the past 7 years.

Simple Pricing

Use MarketVision to manage as many farms as you want. We don’t charge by acres, contracts, or fields. Just one flat monthly fee and you’ll have access to everything MarketVision has to offer.

$200 / month. Cancel Anytime.

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