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Buy 3 or more cases of Spear®-Lep + Leprotec® and receive 1 free case.  Use coupon code SpearLEP2020  Add 4 or more cases to your cart; at checkout you will receive a discount equivalent to the price of 1 case.  

The Spear®-Lep + Leprotec® co-pack includes two 1-gal bottles of each product.  This convenient packaging provides the right combination of two easy-to-mix formulations.  Use equal amounts of Spear®-Lep and Leprotec®.  

Spear-Lep is Vestaron’s revolutionary bioinsecticide for fruits, vegetables and other high-value field crops. Targeting lepidopteran pests such as loopers, worms and caterpillars, field trials with Spear-Lep show performance that is equal to and often superior to conventional insecticides. With no known resistance or cross-resistance, Spear-Lep works as a standalone product, or in rotation with conventional insecticides as an excellent resistance management tool for IPM.  The active ingredient in Spear is GS-omega/kappa-Hxtx-Hv1a. The Spear family of products are the first peptide-based insecticides, and the first bioinsecticides that affect a specific neuromuscular target. Spear® delivers an entirely new mode of action for crop protection (IRAC group 32), which means no cross resistance to any other active ingredient, and is a novel tool for insecticide resistance management. Because of its biological origins, Spear® is lethal to leps, insect and mite pests, but non-toxic to bees, fish and mammals.

Leprotec is the ideal partner for use with Vestaron’s Spear-Lep bioinsecticide. Low doses of Btk disrupts the insect mid-gut opening a passage for the Spear peptide to reach target receptors in the nervous system.

At a treatment rate of 1 pint / acre (of each product), the price is $18.75 / acre and one case treats 16 acres.  

Please contact Keith Farnsworth at 919-675-3060 for product questions.


Retricted Use: No
Active Ingredient: GS-omega/kappa-Hxtx-Hv1a 2.0%, Bacillus thuringiensis ssp. kurstaki EVB-113-19 14.49%
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Product Density: 8.6 lbs / gal

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Product Spear-LEP + Leprotec Co-pack
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Active Ingredients GS-omega/kappa-Hxtx-Hv1a 2.0%, Bacillus thuringiensis ssp. kurstaki EVB-113-19 14.49%
Restricted Use No
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