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Adverse weather and high nitrogen levels can contribute to detrimental lodging, posing a serious threat to cereal grower’s investments. Pinzola™ EC uses the active ingredient trinexapac-ethyl to shorten nodes of cereal plants through inhibition of cell elongation. As a result, lodging potential is decreased and stability of plants is increased. See results in barley, wheat, sugarcane, rye, rice and more. Plus, the added benefit of a wide application window and tank-mix compatibility allows growers flexibility with efficient spray programs.

Key Benefits:
  • Increases stem thickness and diameter to help strengthen the stem and decrease lodging
  • Wide application window gives growers flexibility with efficient spray programs
  • Improves crop stability by decreasing crop height


Restricted Use: No
Active Ingredients: Trinexapac-Ethyl
Similar To: Palisade EC
Product Density: 9.18 Lbs / Gal

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Active Ingredients Trinexapac-Ethyl 12%
Restricted Use No
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