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Rocket Seeds® Moly Shine is the first seed finisher containing micronutrients ideally formulated for soybean and legume early growth. By providing proper nutrition to the seed, plants can better withstand early-season cold and water stress while progressing through the vegetative growth stage. The availability of molybdenum improves nodulation and nitrogen efficiency to produce larger, more vigorous seedlings. Moly Shine is the right seed treatment finisher to address the critical early stages of crop growth to maximize yield.

Key Benefits:

  • For use on soybeans and pulse crops
  • Drying agent and seed finisher for a polished finished
  • Excellent seed-drying source; improves lubrication and flowability
  • Provides an ideal legume formulation to build more nodules and promote early-season nitrogen uptake
  • More nitrogen uptake builds a deep root system
  • Highly available iron source can be a tool to treat early season iron deficiency chlorosis

Guaranteed Analysis:
  • Nitrogen 1%
  • Phosphorous 5%
  • Iron 1.5%
  • Manganese 3%
  • Molybdenum 3%
  • Zinc 10.5%

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