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Price: $2,940.00/Kit

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The Wrangler Junior is the ideal portable scale system for sheep, goats, and hogs. It easy to transport and accurate on any firm surface.  

Kit Includes:

SW300 Battery Powered Indicator

  •  General, Slow, Fast, Lock-on weigh methods
  • Auto shut off, and conservation settings
  • 3 mount bracket options
  • 2 load cell connections
  • 1” high, 6-character display
  • Powered by (2) ‘AA’ batteries, 50+ hrs life, also 120 V power converter

Pair of 16” load cells
  • 15 ft. flexible stainless steel guarded cable
  • 1650 lb. capacity each load cell (3300 lbs./ pair)
  • Accuracy: ± 1% and ± 1 display count

Wrangler Junior Platform

  • 54”x 28.5” (23” inside) aluminum platform; deck height 4.0”
  • Portable, 96 lbs. including load cells, indicator support arm folds down for transport
  • Maneuverable like a wheelbarrow
  • Capacity 700+ lbs
  • No cage allows variety of animal height uses 
  • Rigid deck side, 4” height, allows for mounting home-made side panels

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