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VigorSol is a proprietary blend containing beneficial species of Trichoderma, a genus of naturally occurring beneficial fungi, used to inoculate soils.

The inoculation and cultivation in the soil-plant environment with these beneficial microbes enhances the soil biology.

Growing plants in a soil environment that is more biologically active may improve overall plant vitality, stimulate disease resistance, and allow plants more vigor.

VigorSol contains Trichoderma harzianum and Trichoderma viride, associated with deep root development, improved nutrient uptake, and increased plant vigor and growth.

VigorSol's Trichoderma formulation can be used as a seed treatment, on seedling trays, and applied directly to the soil


  • For seed treatment (applied as dry powder on the seed: 
    • 0.175 - 0.35 oz/1 lb seed for large seeds (such as corn)
    • 0.34 - 0.68 oz/1 lb seed for medium seeds (such as okra)
    • 1.15 - 2.30 oz/1 lb seed for smaller seeds (such as carrot)
  • For seed furrow or in seedling trays: 1/4 oz (approx. 3 tsp.) per gal of water  
  • For fields: 1-2 lbs/acre 10 days before planting

Application Frequency
Monthly throughout the growing season.


Restricted Use: No
Key Ingredients: Trichoderma harzianum;Trichoderma viride

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