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Tachline® may be used as a foliar applied application to any food or fiber crop where the addition of one or more of the essential nutrients contained in Tachline would be beneficial.  When used along with sound agronomic practices, the essential nutrients in Tachline will supplement the nutrition the plant needs to maximize  yield.

Recommended for the following crops: soybeans, dry beans, sugarbeets, wheat, barley, sorghum, corn, sunflowers, potatoes. 


  • Sulfur 3.6%
  • Boron 0.1%
  • Manganese 3%
  • Zinc 4%

Application Directions

Foliar: Apply 1-2 qt/A prior to or immediately after deficiency symptoms occur to prevent or alleviate losses  from nutrient deficiencies. Spray Carrier (water) volumes of 10-20 gal/A (ground) or 5 gal/A (air) are  recommended for best results. When deficiency symptoms are severe, a repeat application of 1-2 qt/A may be needed two or more weeks following the initial application.

Tachline has been shown to be compatible with most pesticides. However, a jar test may be needed to  guarantee compatibility. When using Tachline with pesticides, always read and follow the pesticide label instructions. A jar test should be conducted before Tachline is tank mixed with other fertilizers.

Tachline is not approved with Enlist One®, Enlist Duo®, Tavium®, Xtendimax®, or Engenia®.


Restricted Use: No
Product Density: 11.01 Lbs / Gal
Key Ingredients: Sulfur;Boron;Manganese;Zinc

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