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PercPlus™ is a blend of nutrients formulated to aid root development and early growth. PercPlus™ is versatile and can be applied to any crop throughout the entire season with great results. PercPlus™ should be added at crucial stages or any time plants are in a weakened condition.

PercPlus™ applied early has proven to be very beneficial as an in-furrow or foliar on many crops. Applying PercPlus™ at true leaf is a very important step to healthier crops. PercPlus™ helps the plant to quickly grow out of its young vulnerable stage. Also PercPlus™ aids in early root development. Adding PercPlus™ helps protect crop vigor to withstand adverse conditions.


Restricted Use: No
Product Density: 9.86 Lbs / Gal
Key Ingredients: Nitrogen;Phosphate;Copper;Zinc

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