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CommoditAg gets growers the ag inputs they need, when they need them - within their local communities. We make things Easy, Local and Direct. Start shopping now or hit the button below to learn more about how CommoditAg can work for you!

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Plant Health and Effect Management Strategies Podcast: Fall Burndown Strategies


On our next Plant Health and Management Strategies podcast, CommoditAg CEO John Demerly discusses fall burndown strategies with Jason Weirich, Vice President of Agri Services with MFA Incorporated.

CommoditAg Adds Vestaron to its Growing Supplier Network


CommoditAg, the agriculture industry’s premier, trusted online retailer of high-quality farm products, announces the addition of Vestaron to its rapidly growing supplier network. The partnership allows CommoditAg to now offer growers revolutionary bioinsecticides for fruits, vegetables and other high-value field crops that includes the Spear®-Lep + Leprotec® co-pack. “We are thrilled to partner with Vestaron…

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