NIRVANA® RTU (Ready To Use) is a pre-formulated mixture of NIRVANA® and bifenthrin insecticide. This convenient formulation allows users to pour directly into liquid fertilizer solutions and get a uniform mixture of insecticide and fertilizer. • NIRVANA RTU is an insecticide/miticide that contains 1.5 pounds of bifenthrin per gallon. • The most compatible insecticide formulation for mixing with starter fertilizers • Uniformly disperses the fertilizer and pesticide in the soil profile resulting in more consistent control. • Reduces genetic trait resistance development by having a second mode of action against feeding pests. • Controls wireworms, grubs, maggots, stalk borer, roots aphid, and other seedling pests.


Retricted Use: Yes
Active Ingredient: Bifenthrin 17.15%
Cost Per acre: N/A
Similar To: Capture® LFR®
Product Density: 8.67 lbs / gal

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Unit Price
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