• What payment options does CommoditAg offer?
    • Electronic ACH transfer
    • Debit Card
    • Credit Card

  • Can I pay cash when you deliver the product?
    • No, we do not accept cash or check. Product must be paid at the time of purchase online.


  • How will my products be shipped?
    • Products will be shipped at our discretion via CommoditAg transportation or common carrier based on the timing of order and location of shipping destination.

  • When will I get my delivery?
    • CommoditAg deliveries will be scheduled via e-mail or phone contact 24 hours prior to delivery.

  • How do I know which products are currently available?
    • In stock products will show their same day pickup quantity 
    • Available in 1-4 days = Pick up available at desired warehouse in no more than 4 days

  • What are my pick up options?
    • Products that have a same day availability quantity, are available for free same day pick up.
    • Products that are listed as 1-4 day availability, will be available for free pick up in 1-4 days. You will be contacted when the products arrive in your desired warehouse location.

  • What will my shipping charges be?
    • For orders in IL, KS, IN, IA, OH, WI, MO, AR, MN, SD, ND, NE, and TX:
      • $10,000 and over shipping is free
      • Under $10,000 shipping is $250
    • For orders in all other states:
      • $20,000 and over shipping is free
      • Under $20,000 shipping is $750


  • What is your return policy?
    • All CommoditAg sales are final. Refunds and exchanges will be processed for items that are damaged in transit, or for incorrect product delivery only.

Restricted use license

  • Will I need to provide verification of my ability to purchase restricted use products in my state?
    • Yes, CommoditAg will check restricted use licensing at time of purchase. CommoditAg will ask for your license information upon creation of your account.

Product Guarantee

  • Does CommoditAg offer a product guarantee?
    • Commoditag does not provide a guarantee on product performance. Due to our low price model, we do not offer Resprays, Manufacturer Rebates, or Pumps and Meters.