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Varsity™ Herbicide controls and/or suppresses certain weeds in alfalfa, artichoke, asparagus, bush berries, cabbage and Chinese cabbage (tight headed varieties only), cactus (prickly pear), celery, chickpea, cotton, cucurbit vegetables, dry beans, field corn, field pea, flax, fruiting vegetables (including okra), garlic, grape, hops, lentils, mint, nut trees (including pistachio), onion (dry bulb), olive, peanut, pome fruit, pomegranate, potato, soybean, stone fruit, strawberry, sugarcane, sunflower and safflower, sweet potato, wheat, transplanted melons, pepper and tomato beds, non-bearing fruit trees, fallow land, and to maintain bare ground on non-crop areas of farms, orchards, and vineyards.


Retricted Use: No
Active Ingredient: Flumioxazin 51%
Cost Per acre: Calculate
Similar To: Valor® SX

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Product Varsity™ Herbicide
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Unit Price
Active Ingredients Flumioxazin 51%
Restricted Use No
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