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Parazone 3SL is a contact herbicide that is rapidly absorbed by green plant tissue. Once absorbed the active ingredient interacts with the photosynthetic process to produce superoxides that destroy the plant cells. Parazone 3SL must be applied to green plant tissue to be effective; therefore, excellent and complete coverage of all green foliage is necessary for effective weed control and effective leaf drop, desiccation and defoliation.


Retricted Use: Yes
Active Ingredient: Paraquat Dichloride 43.8%
Cost Per acre: Calculate
Similar To: Gramoxone®SL 3.0; Para-Shot 3.0; Purgatory™ 3SL
Product Density: 9.47 lbs / gal

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Product Parazone 3SL Herbicide
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Active Ingredients Paraquat Dichloride 43.8%
Restricted Use Yes
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