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INTERLINE Herbicide is a non-selective herbicide for the control of existing weeds, including some of the most challenging glyphosate-resistant weeds in row crops, including pigweed, water hemp and ragweed. Using a unique mode of action, INTERLINE inhibits glutamine production in the weeds which leads to a breakdown in photosynthesis. INTERLINE can be used as a burndown treatment in key labeled crops, but its showcase application is as an over-the-top treatment for weed control in glufosinate-tolerant crops.


Retricted Use: No
Active Ingredients: Glufosinate 24.5%
Cost Per acre: Calculate
Similar To: Liberty® 280 SL
Product Density: 9.6 lbs / gal

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Product Interline® Herbicide
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Unit Price
Active Ingredients Glufosinate 24.5%
Restricted Use No
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