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Helmet® Maxx is a premium premix herbicide containing three modes of action for maximum yield protection in field corn, seed corn, sweet corn, yellow popcorn and grain sorghum.

Offering greater use flexibility across a wide range of agronomic needs, Helmet Maxx provides superior crop safety plus powerful performance that controls more than 75 broadleaf and grass weeds, including ALS, PPO, triazine and glyphosate-resistant species.

Product Benefits:

  • One-pass weed control in a convenient 3-way premix
  • Controls more than 75 weeds including resistant species
  • Crop safety profile with up to 6 weeks residual activity
  • Application flexibility, 14 days preplant up to 12” tall corn


Restricted Use: Yes
Active Ingredients: Mesotrione 2.44%, Metolachlor 19%, Atrazine 18.6%
Similar To: Lexar EZ; Stalwart 3W; Priority MA; Trizar
Product Density: 8.93 Lbs / Gal

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Product Helmet® Maxx
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Active Ingredients Mesotrione 2.44%, Metolachlor 19%, Atrazine 18.6%
Restricted Use Yes
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