Confidence® Xtra 5.6L herbicide is used preplant and preemergence in corn for the control of many annual grasses, certain broadleaf weeds and yellow nutsedge. It's formulated as a liquid emulsifiable concentrate to readily mix with water and most fluid fertilizer sources. Confidence® herbicides may be tank mixed with a variety of other preemergent residual herbicides for added control of various weed species. They may also be tank mixed with many post-applied corn herbicides such as glyphosate and others to provide residual preemergent grass and certain broadleaf weed control. Confidence® Xtra 5.6L herbicide also controls annual morningglory, annual smartweed, beggar weed, cocklebur, Florida pusley, galinsoga, groundcherry, jimsonweed, mustard, prickly sida and velvetleaf.


Retricted Use: Yes
Active Ingredient: Acetochlor 33.4%, Atrazine 26.9%
Cost Per acre: N/A
Similar To: Harness Extra 5.6L
Product Density: 9.26 lbs / gal

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