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Atrazine 90DF is a dry form herbicide that offers a wide range of uses and season-long weed control in corn, sorghum and certain other crops. May be applied preplant surface, preplant incorporated, preemergence or postemergence. May be tank mixed with a variety of herbicides for increased flexibility and control of certain broadleaf and grass weeds. Controls grasses, including barnyard grass**, giant foxtail*, green foxtail**, large crabgrass*, wild oats, witch grass**, and yellow foxtail**. Controls Broadleaf weeds, including cocklebur*, groundcherry, jimsonweed (post emergent only for 4L), kochia, lambs quarters, annual morning-glory, mustards, nightshade, pigweed, purslane, ragweed, sickle pod*, velvetleaf* (post emergent), velvetleaf** and wild buckwheat (post emergent only).


Restricted Use: Yes
Active Ingredients: Atrazine
Similar To: Aatrex® Nine-O

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Product Atrazine 90DF Herbicide
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Active Ingredients Atrazine 88.2%
Restricted Use Yes
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