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2,4-DB DMA 175 herbicide provides pre-emergence and post-emergence control of many problematic broadleaf weeds in Alfalfa, Peanut and Soybeans. • Excellent activity on key broadleaf species • Provides unique mode of action for labeled crops • Tank mixes well with many other products


Retricted Use: No
Active Ingredient: 2,4-DB 23%
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Similar To: 2,4 DB
Product Density: 9.06 lbs / gal

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Product 2,4-DB 175 Herbicide
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Active Ingredients 2,4-DB 23% Dimethylamine Salt of Dicamba 12.4%, Dimethylamine Salt of 2,4-D 35.7% Dicamba 12.4%, 2,4-D 35.7% 2,4-D 86.5% 2,4-D 46.8% 2,4-D 63.7%
Restricted Use No No No No No No
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