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Slant™ 41.8% EC is a broad-spectrum fungicide that provides a full-season of control from crop damaging diseases, helping growers achieve maximum yield potential. Slant 41.8% EC delivers both curative and preventative activity, protecting crops at every stage. Slant 41.8% EC moves systemically, protecting new growth with long-lasting residual control. It works like a growth inhibitor, putting a stop to the spread of harmful diseases. Slant 41.8% EC is an excellent tank-mix partner, offering maximum flexibility and efficiency. • Comparable to Tilt • Protective, curative and systemic activity • Full-season control • Protects new growth • Excellent tank-mix partner • Low use rates


Retricted Use: No
Active Ingredients: Propiconazole 41.8%
Similar To: Tilt®
Product Density: 8.34 lbs / gal

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Product Slant™ 41.8% EC Fungicide
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Active Ingredients Propiconazole 41.8% Azoxystrobin 13.5%, Propiconazole 11.7%
Restricted Use No No
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