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Stay ahead of weeds and keep your field clean with the proven power of Zaltus™ SX. With the residual power of flumioxazin, Zaltus SX is able to fend off many of the toughest broadleaf weeds time and time again. Zaltus SX will stay in the soil profile and is not as prone to leaching as some other herbicides are. Pre-plant and pre-emerge applications provide 4-6 weeks of residual control and fallow or fall applications at higher rates can provide extended residual control. Proven crop safety and reliability make this product a great choice to control over 90 different weeds in more than 50 different crops. The versatility and crop rotation flexibility of Zaltus SX make it a great tool for growers throughout the US.


Restricted Use: No
Active Ingredients: Flumioxazin
Similar To: Valor® SX

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Product Zaltus SX Herbicide
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Active Ingredients Flumioxazin 51%
Restricted Use No
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