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Soybeans and alfalfa are hardy, but invasive weeds can keep them from reaching their full potential. Give your crops the fast-acting, long-lasting protection they need with Octivio™ from Atticus. Octivio contains imazamox, the same active ingredient found in Raptor Herbicide, and is effective on a wide range of broadleaf weeds, grasses and sedges. The postemergent formula is absorbed by the targeted plants’ foliage and roots, stopping their growth and their threat to valuable crops.

Octivio is a powerful concentrate that can be applied by ground or air and should be used in tandem with an adjuvant and nitrogen fertilizer solution. It has no pre-harvest interval and, once applied, crops are safe from weed competition Octivio can be safely used on seedlings and established plants alike, giving you maximum flexibility and maximum protection.


Restricted Use: No
Active Ingredients: Imazamox
Similar To: Raptor®
Product Density: 8.8 Lbs / Gal

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Product Octivio™
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Active Ingredients Imazamox 12.1%
Restricted Use No
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