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MOCCASIN II PLUS Herbicide is a highly effective, residual herbicide with excellent soil activity on a wide variety of small-seeded broadleaf weeds and grasses, including pigweed species, waterhemp, velvetteaf and annual grasses. MOCCASIN II PLUS is safe for use on corn and the perfect replacement for Dual II Magnum®.


Restricted Use: No
Active Ingredients: S-metolachlor
Similar To: Dual II Magnum®; Brawl II; StreliuS™ II
Product Density: 9.31 Lbs / Gal

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Product Moccasin II Plus Herbicide
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Brawl II ATZ Herbicide
Unit Price
Active Ingredients S-metolachlor 82.4% Atrazine 33%, Atrazine Related Compounds 0.7%, S-Metolachlor 26.1%
Restricted Use No Yes
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