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Liquid AMS Premix with Surfactant AMS+ NIS is a user-friendly premix of ammonium sulfate and surfactant designed for use with glyphosate systems or other pesticides. AMS+NIS gives fast surfactant wetting and surface tension reduction enhancing herbicide movement through the cuticle on the leaf surface. AMS+NIS helps herbicide formulations work better by guarding against hard water antagonism. AMS+NIS adds ammonium to help increase plant uptake and translocation of herbicide through the cuticle and phloem of the plant. AMS+NIS makes herbicides work better, faster and longer than many other adjuvant formulations. • Surfactant - Humectant Water Conditioning Agent


Restricted Use: No
Active Ingredients: Ammonium Sulfate;Non-Ionic Surfactant
Similar To: Ammonium Sulphate + Non Ionic Surfactant
Product Density: 10.2 Lbs / Gal

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