• Acifin 2L 2x2.5 gal Jug

Acifin 2L Herbicide with acifluorfen

  • Approximate cost: $8.09 per acre
  • Typical application rates:   Soybeans – 1.5 pt. per acre
  • Acifin 2L contains 2 pounds of active ingredient, sodium salt of acifluorfen, per gallon.
  • Acifin 2L is commonly used and applied for post emergent control of select grasses and broadleaf weed species in soybeans and other label specific crops.
  • Companion Products:  
    • Tomahawk 5
    • Buccaneer 5
    • CommoditAg NIS
    • CommoditAg Crop Oil

Acifin 2L, similar to Ultra Blazer®, Avalanche® Ultra, and Uproar is a great choice when trying to keep glyphosate resistant weeds out of your soybean acres. With 2 pounds of the active ingredient sodium salt of acifluorfen per gallon, even the toughest weeds won’t stand a chance: ragweeds, velvetleaf, waterhemp. Mix Acifin 2L with CommoditAg NIS for the best weed control. Good coverage of small, actively growing weeds is essential. Glyphosate tolerant crops must be used when mixing with Tomahawk 5 or Buccaneer Xtra.

Active Ingredients Acifluorfen
Similar to Ultra Blazer
Restricted Use No

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Acifin 2L 2x2.5 gal Jug

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