• Gold Rush Duo 265 gal Tote

Gold Rush Duo fungicide

  • Approximate cost: $6.99 per acre
  • Typical application rates: Corn, Soybeans, Wheat - 10.5 Oz per acre
  • Gold Rush Duo provides the curative action of propiconzole and the preventive action of Azoxystrobin.
  • Gold Rush Duo delivers excellent disease control by offering two modes of action to protect against tough to control leaf diseases in corn and soybeans.
  • Companion Products: 
    • Adjavant - CommoditAg D&D Plus
    • Insecticide - Avenger S3

Gold Rush Duo is an excellent broad-spectrum fungicides containing Azoxystrobin & Propiconazole providing disease control within the plant. You can team up Gold Rush Duo along with Aenger S3 for a first-rate combination of fungicide and insectivide on soybeans applied at R3. Your corn adn soybean crops are major investement. Protect your corn crop investment from yield robbing diseases such as grey leaf spot, nothern corn leaf blight, rust and southern rust. Your soybean crop can also benefit by providing foliar protection of common leaf diseases such as Septoria brown spot, powdery mildew, frog eye leaft spot, and cercospora leaf blight.

Active Ingredients Azoxystrobin + Propiconazole
Similar to Quilt Xcel
Restricted Use No

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Gold Rush Duo 265 gal Tote

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