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Combining multiple effective sites of action, BroadAxe® XC preemergent herbicide delivers broad-spectrum activity that manages beyond the basic weeds that other herbicides miss. It provides residual control of standard driver weeds, as well as problem weeds specific to the upper Midwest that outsmart other soybean herbicides.

BroadAxe XC preemergent herbicide is a part of the Syngenta Resistance Fighter® program. Our agronomic experts recommend combining chemical weed management with cultural practices, such as cover crops, crop rotation and tillage.

BroadAxe XC contains two active ingredients – S-metolachlor and sulfentrazone – and multiple effective sites of action. When followed by a timely, effective post-emergent herbicide application, it promotes the use of overlapping residuals to delay herbicide resistance. BroadAxe XC provides broad-spectrum residual control of weeds that have shown herbicide resistance, including glyphosate- and ALS-resistant populations of Russian thistle and herbicide-resistant kochia.

Due to the cost of handling, this product has an order minimum of $1,000.  Please order enough units to bring the order value over $1,000.

Please contact customer service if you need a smaller volume of this product.  Contact customer service at (217) 690-5100 or customer.service@commoditag.com


Restricted Use: No
Active Ingredients: Sulfentrazone;S-Metolachlor
Product Density: 9.26 Lbs / Gal
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