Price: $499.55/Gal

Balance® Flexx pre-emergence corn herbicide provides a flexible foundation that complements any herbicide program to protect yields from the start.

Key Benefits:

  • Powerful weed control
    • With a broad application window, Balance Flexx herbicide provides burndown of grass and broadleaf weeds and reactivates with just a half inch of rain to control late-emerging weeds.
  • Resistance management
    • Balance Flexx is an excellent product in a sequential program with Capreno®, DiFlexx® DUO, Laudis®, glyphosate or other postemergence herbicides. Using Balance Flexx as the foundation for a two-pass herbicide program gives corn growers an excellent combination of weed control and weed resistance management. 
  • Excellent crop safety
    • Its Crop Safety Innovation™ (CSI) Safener enables corn plants to better withstand herbicidal activity, which can lead to increased root growth and plant health. Balance Flexx can be applied to corn from burndown or preplant through the V2 growth stage on any soil type, including sandy soils.


Restricted Use: Yes
Active Ingredients: Isoxaflutole
Product Density: 10.01 Lbs / Gal
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