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AZteroid® FC 3.3 provides systemic, broad-spectrum control of early-season diseases in a wide range of crops. It cleans up the soil and minimizes the chance of later-season disease. The higher concentration saves time with fewer jugs to handle, triple rinse, and recycle.

All Vive Crop Protection products contain the Allosperse® nano-polymer delivery system, so they are the best-mixing and most user-friendly products available.

Product Benefits

-  AZteroid FC 3.3 is the best-mixing azoxystrobin fungicide. It won’t clog nozzles or lines and stays mixed, even with application delays and freezing temperatures.

-  AZteroid FC 3.3 fungicide provides excellent control of rhizoctonia, damping off, seedling blight, root rots and stem rots.

-  AZteroid FC 3.3 delivers many plant health benefits associated with strobilurins and in an at-plant application, decreases disease inoculum in the soil.    

Vive products have exceptionally high satisfaction. 97% of customers plan to re-use Vive products again and 94% will recommend them to neighbors.


Restricted Use: No
Active Ingredients: Azoxystrobin
Product Density: 9.51 Lbs / Gal

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Product AZteroid® FC 3.3
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Active Ingredients Azoxystrobin 34.3%
Restricted Use No
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