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Maximum yield is the first goal in soybean production so your first step should be to protect your crop from broadleaf and grass weeds with Aquesta™ FR. Aquesta FR contains sulfentrazone and cloransulam-methyl, the active ingredients found in Authority® First DF and in Sonic®. This powerful product provides preemergent protection by infiltrating the roots and shoots of cocklebur, green foxtail, ragweed, wild mustard, and many other weeds.

Aquesta FR can be used alone or tank mixed with fertilizers, insecticides, or other herbicides for maximum flexibility. Aquesta FR is adaptable to all tillage systems and can be used as part of a spring burndown program when tank mixed with a compatible burndown herbicide. Adequate rainfall of 1/2-1″ is needed for herbicide activation, and once activated, Aquesta FR helps to control many of the weeds that will rob you of the yield you work hard to achieve.


Restricted Use: No
Active Ingredients: Sulfentrazone;Cloransulam-Methyl
Similar To: Authority® First DF; Sonic

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