• Iconic 2x2.5 gal Jug

Iconic 2x2.5 gal Jug

Iconic® All-In-One Adjuvant 2.5 Gallon Jug

Iconic is a superior, multi-functioning adjuvant that contains a drift reduction agent, water conditioner, and activator. It is designed with Advanced Droplet Technology™ that will enhance herbicide activity by getting more droplets to the target, increasing herbicide absorption and translocation, and making the herbicide more active. Iconic can be used with dicamba-based herbicides where crop protection products are used. 

“Triple the Power” for dicamba-based herbicide systems to deliver maximum performance against resistant weeds.

Iconic® brings a new level of efficiency to the forefront with the blending of specialized technologies in an all-in-one adjuvant. This adjuvant system delivers powerful herbicide activation, water conditioning, and a droplet management tool – all support each other in a stable and effective formulation.

Iconic® is also available in 265 gallon totes.

Product Features

Herbicide Activation
Water Conditioner
Drift Management
A Non-AMS Water Conditioner Made Specifically for
the Dicamba Acre.
Triple the power with three distinct adjuvants that work together, equating to reduced inventory and application usage per tank mix.
Unique activator/surfactant delivers maximum herbicide performance on glyphosate resistant weeds.
Water conditioner provides enhanced herbicide uptake and reduced antagonism by hard water ions.
Significantly increases ratio of desirable size spray droplets, allowing for maximum spray droplet management during application.
With a lower use rate of 2 quarts/100 versus 2.5-5 gallons in AMS tank mixes, Iconic® is a powerful performing adjuvant, proficiently designed for risk stewardship and awareness of dicamba-based herbicides.

Active Ingredients

Dicamba Adjuvant

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Iconic 2x2.5 gal Jug
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