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DuPont™ Accent® Q herbicide delivers selective postemergence grass and broadleaf weed control under a variety of conditions in field corn, seed corn, sweet corn and popcorn.

Key Benefits:

  • Selective control
    • Selective postemergence contact plus residual control protects corn from the toughest grass and broadleaf weeds, including foxtails, wild proso millet, woolly cupgrass and fall panicum.
  • Flexibility enhances control
    • The “Q” means farmers can confidently apply Accent Q under diverse weather conditions, on a wide variety of seed corn inbreds, sweet corn hybrids and popcorn varieties, with a broad range of adjuvants.


Restricted Use: No
Active Ingredients: Nicosulfuron
Product Density: 0.0625 Lbs / Oz

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Product Accent Q
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Active Ingredients Nicosulfuron 54.5%
Restricted Use No
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