• Parashot 265 gal Tote

Parashot herbicide

  • Approximate cost: $3.89 per acre
  • Typical application rates:   Burndown 32 oz per acre
  • Parashot 3.0 contains 3.0 pounds of active ingredient paraquat cation per gallon as 4.14 pounds of dichloride salt per gallon.
  • Parashot 3.0 is a defoliant and desiccant herbicide for the control of weeds and grasses and as a harvest aid.
  • Companion Products:  
    • Galvan
    • Atrazine
    • Charger Max ATZ
    • CommoditAg NIS
    • CommoditAg D&D Plus

Parashot 3.0, similar to Gramoxone, is an excellent choice when choosing a herbicide for spring burndown. For a complete burndown and residual herbicide option, apply your Parashot 3.0 with CommoditAg NIS and Galvan ahead of your soybeans. When planning a burndown application for corn or soybeans, tank mix partners which contain Metribuzin or Atrazine are a must for effective weed control.

Active Ingredients Paraquat Dichloride
Similar to Gramoxone
Restricted Use Yes

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Parashot 265 gal Tote

  • Unit Price: $19.38/Gal