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If troublesome weeds are compromising your soybean and cotton crops, use the trusted chemistry of MetalliS™ PFX. This herbicide uses S-metolachlor and fomesafen to bring multiple modes of action to fend off resistant weeds and keep your fields clear. This herbicide controls certain grass, broadleaf and sedge weeds in soybeans and cotton. With flexible application timing, it can be applied as a preplant surface, preplant incorporated, preemergence, or postemergence treatment in soybeans and as a post-directed treatment in cotton. See extended residual control and excellent crop safety with MetalliS PFX.


Restricted Use: No
Active Ingredients: S-metolachlor;Fomesafen
Similar To: Prefix®
Product Density: 8.9 Lbs / Gal

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Active Ingredients S-metolachlor 46.4%, Fomesafen 10.2% Fomesafen 22.1% S-metolachlor 82.4% S-Metolachlor 58.2%, Metribuzin 13.8% S-metolachlor 68.25%, Sulfentrazone 7.55%
Restricted Use No No No No No
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