• Perm-Up 3.2EC 4x1 gal Jug

Perm-Up 3.2EC 4x1 gal Jug

Perm-Up® 3.2EC Insecticide

Perm-Up 3.2Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC) Liquid Formulation

is the UPI brand of permethrin, a tested member of the pyrethroid insecticide family. Widely regarded as the brand leader, Perm-Up provides a superior level of quality, value and effectiveness. Perm-UP covers a broad spectrum of target insects and is suitable for variety of crops.

Contains 3.2 pounds permethrin per gallon as an emulsifiable concentrate.

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Perm-Up 3.2EC 4x1 gal Jug
  • Unit Price: $39.33/Gal