• Nirvana RTU 2x2.5 gal Jug

Nirvana RTU 2x2.5 gal Jug

Nirvana™ RTU Insecticide

NIRVANA® RTU (Ready To Use) is a pre-formulated mixture of NIRVANA® and bifenthrin insecticide. This convenient formulation allows users to pour directly into liquid fertilizer solutions and get a uniform mixture of insecticide and fertilizer.

Product Features

NIRVANA RTU is an insecticide/miticide that contains 1.5 pounds of bifenthrin per gallon.The most compatible insecticide formulation for mixing with starter fertilizers.Uniformly disperses the fertilizer and pesticide in the soil profile resulting in more consistent control. Reduces genetic trait resistance development by having a second mode of action against feeding pests.Controls wireworms, grubs, maggots, stalk borer, roots aphid, and other seedling pests.

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Nirvana RTU 2x2.5 gal Jug
  • Unit Price: $129.12/Gal