• Chlorpyrifos 4E 2x2.5 gal Jug

Chlorpyrifos 4E 2x2.5 gal Jug

Chlorpyrifos 4E AG Insecticide 2.5 Gallon Jug

Chlorpyrifos 4E-AG insecticide is used for the control of various insects that infest Field, Fruit, Nut, Ornamental, Turfgrass and Vegetable crops, and Non-residential uses.

Chlorpyrifos 4E AG Insecticide is also available in 260 gallon tote.

Product Features

Contains 4 pounds of Chlorpyrifos per gallon
Registered for use in a large variety of crops with a broad spectrum of insects controlled
For use in foliar and soil broadcast by aerial, ground and sprinkler irrigation applications
Aphids, Borers, Worms

Active Ingredients


Similar to

Lorsban 4E

Restricted Use


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Chlorpyrifos 4E 2x2.5 gal Jug
  • Unit Price: $28.37/Gal