• Fall Out 8x80oz

Fall Out herbicide

  • Approximate cost: $6.26 per acre
  • Typical application rates:   Soybeans – 2 oz per acre
  • Fall Out contains 22.7% of active ingredient Chlorimuron Ethyl and 6.8% of active ingredient Tribenuron Methyl by weight.
  • Fall Out herbicide is an excellent herbicide to use in the fall before ground freezes to attain a clean seed bed in the spring.
  • Companion Products:  
    • 2,4-D LV6
    • CommoditAg Crop Oil
    • CommoditAg D&D

Fall Out, similar to Canopy EX, displays the best results when applied to young, actively growing weeds. A combined application of Fall Out + 2-4-D + Glyphosate after harvest and before the ground freezes is an excellent way to control tough weeds like marestail, henbit, and other winter annuals heading into spring. A weed free field in the spring will warm up quicker and allow you to plant when field conditions permit.

Active Ingredients Tribenuron methyl, Chlorimuron Ethyl
Similar to Canopy Ex
Restricted Use No

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Fall Out 8x80oz

  • Unit Price: $3.13/Ozs