• Ammonium Sulfate 51 lb

Ammonium Sulfate Adjuvant

  • Approximate cost: $0.48 per acre
  • Typical application rates:   Corn, Soybeans – 2 lbs per acre
  • Dry AMS – Spray Grade Ammonium Sulfate
  • Companion Products:  
    • Tomahawk 5 – 1.5-3 lbs per acre
    • Buccaneer 5 Extra – 1.5-3 lbs per acre
    • Interline – 1.5-3 lbs per acre

Ammonium Sulfate is commonly used in Herbicide tank mixes with products such as Tomahawk 5, Buccaneer 5 Extra, and Interline. Choose Dry AMS to increase the performance of your Herbicide in hard water conditions, drought conditions, and certain tank mixes.

Active Ingredients Sulfur (S), Total Nitrogen (N)
Similar to Ammonium Sulphate
Restricted Use No

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Ammonium Sulfate 51 lb

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