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The Right Formula

by CommoditAg 21 Jun 2022

Accomplice adjuvantMaximizing in-season applications with Accomplice® adjuvant and FarmCommand® - an all-in-one digital platform.


Accomplice is an all-in-one adjuvant for foliar applications designed to maximize the efficacy of conventional herbicides for row crops. It is formulated to work alongside a wide range of chemistries to deliver exceptional performance for every spray application.

Accomplice delivers four-pronged activity to manage spray droplets from the nozzle to the leaf:

  1. Drift Control - superior control when used in high-speed aerial applications and equal to best-in-class dedicated drift reduction agents inground spray applications.
  2. Deposition Aid - meticulous droplet size control gets 3x more spray and better spray coverage to the plant. Ingredients that provide adhesion ensure those droplets stay on the leaf.
  3. Evaporation Protection - humectants provide applications 2x the absorption potential, especially in arid climates, keeping active ingredients in a liquid state longer than other surfactants.
  4. Wash-Off Resistance - your spray is protected from overhead irrigation and rainfall 4x longer than other surfactants.

Advantages of Using Accomplice Adjuvant

  • Helps conventional herbicides work better
  • Provides better drift control than other adjuvants, allowing you to spray in conditions that would otherwise be too windy
  • Delivers wash-off resistance, keeping the product on the plants following a rain event

To Spray or Not To Spray

The decision of whether to spray your fields relies heavily on the weather. FarmCommand features quality-controlled historical weather data and current conditions as recorded at our on-farm weather stations, as well as accurate localized forecasts to help support informed spraying decisions. FarmCommand digital platform
  • Tailored weather notifications
  • Real-time conditions
  • 10-day daily forecast
  • 48-hour hourly forecasts
  • Enhanced radar
  • Rainfall
  • Humidity
  • Historical weather data
  • Advanced hail detection, notification and reporting

Advantages of Using FarmCommand

  • Use a Zone Management Plan to target spray rates to crop needs
  • Schedule and plan spraying operations
  • Monitor activities from anywhere in real-time
  • Create treatment polygons to measure the impact across different zones
  • Seamlessly track results of trials and untreated check strips
  • Layer satellite imagery to monitor the progression of crop health over time
  • Drop scouting pins, attach notes and take pictures
  • Manage rates, costs and track yield results
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