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Future of Ag Input Shopping

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Saving time and money.

The advantages of online shopping for agriculture inputs are becoming more apparent to growers across America. Growers have discovered that not only can they save money, but they can enjoy saving time by not having to send emails, leave voicemails, and playing phone tag to secure a quote. For many who are some distance to a bricks-and-mortar retailer, reducing travel becomes a time and cost savings. We have learned through the pandemic that the power of safe shopping is attractive to all demographics of growers.

In recent years, the most significant barriers to online shopping for inputs were based mainly on satisfaction with a local or current input provider. That shifted in 2021 to reflect supply chain concerns, and growers indicated they were less likely to shop online because of that uncertainty. 2022 may see a shift to higher expectations for retailers to deliver a better experience for growers.

Online shopping isn’t the same in rural areas.

Online shopping tends to be low stress and easy with quick delivery for those in urban areas. Those who live in rural areas can have a very different experience. When buying high-value inputs like chemicals, seeds, and precision ag supplies, growers want an online experience that builds the kind of trust they have with their local retailer.

Some things can’t be “added to cart,” and one that’s crucial is local knowledge. The connection with their trusted retailer remains vital to growers; however, having an online store that connects locally can give growers the confidence to complete the order and become return customers.

There’s a solution that’s growing. by Farmers Edge is where retailers and suppliers come together to provide growers with an easy, online shopping experience. The store offers everything from seed, fertilizer, and crop protection products to lubricants, oils, and more. Growers who sign up for a free membership get benefits right away with access to coupons, special deals, and promotions.

Growers can take this to the next level when using Farmers Edge technology. This leading digital solution can connect purchase decision-making to on-farm data and agronomists’ advice in real-time as growers make in-season adjustments to their input plans.

Supporting local.

Many growers have deep ties to their communities and want to keep those long-term relationships with their retailers. supports a dealer network made up of local ag input retailers who benefit from being in the online marketplace where they can enhance services for their customers and open visibility to new customers.

Much like the interconnectedness of a well-run farming operation, the integration of Farmers Edge and serves economies of scale, supports local, and gets growers shopping for the best prices for the products their farm needs.

Start shopping.

Head over to to see the selection and savings. Don’t forget to sign up for your free membership and start adding items to the cart. Savings are a click away.