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CommoditAg Grows its Plant Nutrition Product Line with Stage Specific and Micronutrient Products from New Supplier, DeltAg

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The partnership offers farmers convenient access to crop nutrients

CommoditAg, the agriculture industry’s premier, trusted online marketplace of high-quality agriculture products, expands its plant nutrition product line with the addition of a wide range of stage specific formulas and micronutrients from its newest supplier, DeltAg. “DeltAg products give farmers versatility and assist plants at each critical stage of development,” said John Demerly, CEO, CommoditAg. “We’re thrilled to partner with DeltAg to offer new micronutrient products to farmers in an easy, accessible way.” DeltAg utilizes a proprietary “bio-transport system” that improves a plant's ability to absorb, translocate, convert and metabolize nutrients. All of DeltAg’s products can perform adequately at low application rates as compared to other nutritional sources. By way of formulation and reduced application rates, these products can be applied to the seed, in-furrow, side-dressed, foliar, drip, fertigation, impregnation and by other means. CommoditAg now offers the following Crop Stage Specific and Micronutrient products: 
  • Boron Plus – helps plants to improve the translocation of sugars and retain more fruit through to harvest for a higher yield.
  • MicroVite – contains high concentrations of Zinc Plus, Magnesium Plus, Manganese Plus, Copper Plusand Sulfur Plus to maintain healthy crops through seedling stages, including vegetable crops.
  • PercPlus – a nutrient blend formulated to reduce abiotic stress while aiding root development.
  • CropKarb – a combination of PercPlus, Boron Plus and Potassium Plus, all in one formula that delivers key nutrients and a supplemental mobile carbon source during heavy fruiting.
  • Sulfur Plus – formulated to deliver residual soil-sulfur to the plant for better nitrogen response.
  • Seed Coat – a dry nutrient blend applied to seed preplant or at planting for a healthy start; there is no need for talc or graphite.
  • Soil Solution - supplies nutrients for existing native microorganisms, enriching the soil with more available nutrients, aeration and moisture-holding capacity for higher production capacity.
  • Zinc Plus – delivers zinc to plants in a natural form; used as a soil or foliar zinc source where zinc deficiencies occur or where additional zinc is needed.
“Since 1991 these stage specific and micronutrient products have been successfully marketed and university tested in many areas of the United States and Canada with great success, says Johnny McRight, founder and owner of DeltAg. CommoditAg, founded in 2017, combines the efficiency and convenience of digital technology and e-commerce capabilities with deep-rooted agriculture knowledge to provide farmers and ranchers with a top-notch customer experience and the best value. The company offers a broad range of crop protection, lubricants, plant nutrition and animal nutrition products, as well as data services and precision technology, with delivery or same-day pick-up options available at one of more than 50 local fulfillment centers. Visit to learn more or to make a purchase today. About CommoditAg CommoditAg is the leading online marketplace of agriculture products. Leveraging its deep roots in agriculture with logistical and e-commerce expertise, CommoditAg offers the scale, convenience and geographic access today’s farms and ranches need and is committed to competitive pricing and reliable service across an extensive 50+ fulfillment center network in partnership with progressive agricultural retailers. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook. About DeltAg DeltAg formulates, manufactures and sells highly efficient, low-rate agricultural nutritional products. DeltAg utilizes a proprietary “bio-transport system” that improves a plant's ability to absorb, translocate, convert and metabolize nutrients. While others focus on improving fertilizer performance, DeltAg focuses on improving a plant’s ability to utilize available residual nutrition more efficiently. DeltAg products are registered and distributed in 48 states, Canada, and several other countries. For more information, visit