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CommoditAg Adds Vestaron to its Growing Supplier Network

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CommoditAg, the agriculture industry’s premier, trusted online retailer of high-quality farm products, announces the addition of Vestaron to its rapidly growing supplier network. The partnership allows CommoditAg to now offer growers revolutionary bioinsecticides for fruits, vegetables and other high-value field crops that includes the Spear®-Lep + Leprotec® co-pack. “We are thrilled to partner with Vestaron to offer our customers crop protection through peptide-based biopesticides,” said John Demerly, CEO, CommoditAg. “CommoditAg is committed to sourcing products from a variety of suppliers that growers may not have access to like Vestaron’s Spear family of products, and we couldn’t be more excited to now offer the Spear®-Lep + Leprotec® co-pack.” Vestaron’s Spear® family of products is the first peptide-based insecticides and the first bioinsecticides that affect a specific neuromuscular target. The products deliver a new mode of action for crop protection that means no cross-resistance to other active ingredients. Spear products are a novel tool for insecticide resistance management, and because of their biological origins, Spear is lethal to lepidopteran, insect and mite pests, but non-toxic to bees, fish and mammals. Spear-Lep targets lepidopteran pests such as loopers, worms and caterpillars. With no known resistance or cross-resistance, Spear-Lep works as a standalone product, or in rotation with conventional insecticides as an excellent resistance management tool for integrated pest management. Leprotec is the ideal partner for use with the Spear-Lep bioinsecticide. Its low doses of Bacillus thuringienesis kurstaki (Btk) disrupts an insect’s mid-gut, opening a passage for the Spear peptide to reach target receptors in the insect’s nervous system. “Partnering with CommoditAg will enable growers in the Midwest and Great Lakes to access Spear for their specialty crops and allow for a new sustainable solution that is as effective as traditional synthetic products, but with the features of a biological,” said Ben Cicora, SVP Sales & Marketing, Vestaron. “Spear’s zero-day, pre-harvest interval is a great solution to the year-end applications for high-value fruit and vegetables.” The Spear-Lep + Leprotec co-pack includes two 1-gallon bottles of each product. The packaging provides the right combination of two easy-to-mix formulations with equal amounts of Spear-Lep and Leprotec. To learn more about the product, visit the CommoditAg website. CommoditAg, founded in 2017, combines the efficiency and convenience of digital technology and e-commerce capabilities with deep-rooted agriculture knowledge to provide farmers with top-notch customer experience and the best value. The company offers a broad range of crop protection, lubricants, plant nutrition and animal nutrition products, with delivery or same-day pick-up options available at one of more than 40 local retail fulfillment centers. Visit to learn more or to make a purchase today. About CommoditAg CommoditAg is the leading online retailer of farm products. Leveraging its deep roots in agriculture with logistical and e-commerce expertise, CommoditAg offers the scale, convenience, and geographic access today’s farms need and is committed to competitive pricing and reliable service across an extensive 40+ fulfillment center network in partnership with progressive agricultural retailers. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook. About Vestaron Vestaron is leading a peptide-based revolution in crop protection. We are committed to providing growers with novel, effective chemistries that address proven targets. Our peptides overcome existing resistance issues while offering a desired safety profile for workers, beneficials and the environment. Vestaron has earned global recognition for its work, including the inaugural 2015 Bernard Blum Award for novel biocontrol solutions, a 2020 THRIVE Top 50 Growth-Stage honoree, and the prestigious Green Chemistry Challenge Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute in 2020. For more information, visit