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A Simple Formula for Maximizing Yield

Maximize Your Yields

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Aquila XLFrom choosing the right product to optimizing each application, here's how you can use technology to get more value from your input investments.


  • Provides curative and preventative modes of action for long-lasting, broad-spectrum disease control in corn, soybeans and wheat crops.
  • Combination of the active ingredients Azoxystrobin and Propiconazole, providing activity from resistance groups 11 & 3 (similar to Quilt Xcel).
  • Delivers disease control that allows the plant to produce healthier leaves and stronger, deeper roots to better withstand stress conditions.

Key Crops and Uses

  • Rice
  • Corn
  • Wheat
  • Soybeans
  • Sweet Corn


Aerial blight, alternaria leaf spot, anthracnose leaf blight, brown spot, cercospora blight, cercospora leaf spot, eyespot/foot rot, frogeye leaf spot, glume blotch, gray leaf spot, leaf blight, northern corn leaf blight, northern corn leaf spot, physoderma brown spot, powdery mildew, rust, southern corn leaf blight, spot blotch, tan spot.

Benefits for your Crop

  • Active ingredient moves within the plant, delivering uniform disease control
  • Healthy plants stay green longer, boosting yield through extended grain and pod fill
  • Less potential for volunteer corn the following season
  • Increased development of roots
  • Stronger development of corn stalks, reduced lodging and an efficient harvest
  • Reduced water loss and improved drought tolerance through more efficient water use
  • Preventive and curative disease control helps plants withstand extreme dry or wet conditions
    FarmCommand FarmCommand - all-in-one digital platform

How to Use FarmCommand® to Manage your Application

  • Use a Zone Management Plan to match spray rates to crop needs
  • Schedule and plan spraying operations
  • Monitor activities from anywhere in real time
  • Create treatment polygons to measure the impact across different zones
  • Seamlessly track results of trials and untreated check strips
  • Layer satellite imagery to monitor the progression of crop health over time
  • Drop scouting pins, attach notes and take pictures
  • Manage rates, costs and track yield results

Application Example – VR Fungicide

Variable Rate Fungicide allows you to match the fungicide rate to the vegetation and yield potential, and apply the Right Source at the Right Rate to the Right Place at the Right Time. Farmers Edge utilizes high-frequency, high-resolution satellite imagery to identify and map crop vegetation to assign multiple label rates of fungicide within the field. This enables you to be more efficient with fungicide, water and time.
Variable Rate Fungicide Figure 1. Scouting Map - an NDVI-derived map that showcases variability in vegetative growth, highlighting the areas performing better than others.
Figure 2. Variable Rate Prescription Map – the most recent NDVI imagery is utilized to create a prescription map.
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