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Price: $117.00/Tons

Cash Flow King!  This product is for larger cattle or livestock feeders who need to feed a lot of hay and want to buy one load at a time.  This is 100% ground alfalfa and is delivered in loads of approximately 23 tons per load.  It can be unloaded on the floor of a shed or outside.  Outside shelf life is 2 to 3 months.  Color will be a greenish brown and is usually consistent throughout.  Mature stands or weather typically put alfalfa into the ground and delivered category.  It is a great product for feeding a lot of animals.

Northview Family Farms is a family-owned haying business in north central Nebraska. In operation for over 15 years, their primary business is raising and selling their own high-quality alfalfa. All of their hay products can be sourced and shipped throughout the United States. Hay test results are available upon request.  This product comes from an affiliate plant from Broken Bow, NE. 

Questions regarding this product? Please contact Northview Family Farms at 402-340-4808.

Alfalfa Ground and Delivered

Alfalfa Ground and Delivered is sold by Northview Family Farms and may not be eligible for certain discounts, coupons, or free shipping.

A truckload of Alfalfa Ground and Delivered weighs approximately 23 Tons.  If the truckload you receive weighs more or less than exactly 23 Tons, CommoditAg will adjust the amount you are charged to reflect the scale ticket.

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