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OnTarget® adjuvant is a patent-pending technology specifically designed for ultra and extra coarse nozzles, for use with the new dicamba herbicide chemistries. This adjuvant system has been formulated to reduce driftable fines with dicamba up to 50%, and improves the efficacy of dicamba herbicides by enhancing droplet spreading and canopy penetration. Ultra and extra coarse nozzles generate large droplets, which help reduce fines but generally provide less leaf surface coverage. Along with further reducing drift, OnTarget adjuvant is designed to aid with droplet spreading and canopy deposition for improved herbicide efficacy. • OnTarget™ is a unique spray adjuvant, specifically designed to maximize pesticide performance when applying pesticides through nozzles that are classified to produce extremely-coarse and ultra-coarse droplet spectrums. OnTarget™ reduces the amount of spray droplets that have a high potential to move off target in a ground application. • Enhances drift control for increased on-target application. Aids in droplet spreading for better coverage and herbicide uptake to contribute to the efficacy improvement of the herbicide. • Anti-foam formulation for added convenience.


Retricted Use: No
Active Ingredient: Dicamba Adjuvant
Cost Per acre: Calculate
Similar To: On Target®
Product Density: 10 lbs / gal

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