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CommoditAg's Methylated Seed Oil (MSO) is a modified vegetable oil concentrate that increases herbicide absorption and penetration into the plant for tough burndown and desiccation applications. It is designed for use with a broad range of herbicides especially burndown applications in the spring or fall, fallow applications, or with crop desiccants. MSO can be applied by ground or air.


Retricted Use: No
Active Ingredient: Metholated Seed Oil
Cost Per acre: Calculate
Product Density: 7.59 lbs / gal

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Unit Price
Active Ingredients Metholated Seed Oil Non-Ionic Surfactant Drift Reduction Agent Drift Reduction Agent Paraffin Base Petroleum Oil 83% Ammonium Sulfate 48%, Non-Ionic Surfactant 5%
Restricted Use No No No No No No
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