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Volume Price: $43.65/Gal

D&D Plus is a spray adjuvant designed to maximize pesticide performance by improving deposition of the spray application onto the intended target, improving coverage and droplet adhesion and reducing drift of pesticides being applied by ground or air. D&D Plus does not include NPE and is not MSO-based for improved crop safety with many pesticide applications. D&D Plus does not negatively affect spray pattern even when using air-assisted type nozzles. D&D Plus should be used in conjunction with proper spray equipment selection set-up and use including boom height, nozzle type, size and pressure. • For use with herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. D&D Plus has a recommended rate of 3 fluid ounces per acre.


Retricted Use: No
Active Ingredients: Drift Reduction Agent
Similar To: Drift Reduction Agent; Accudrop
Product Density: 8.01 lbs / gal

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Restricted Use No No No No No
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