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CommoditAg's D&D is a deposition aid that increases spray deposition by penetrating the canopy and delivering more droplets onto more leaves. D&D reduces spray drift by decreasing the amount of fine droplets*. D&D may be used with any type of equipment or nozzles, including air induction and other fine reducing nozzles. The products D&D can be used with include all water-soluble concentrates and granules and most other formulations. D&D may be used in a large number of applications and with most pesticides. The applications include row crop, fruits and vegetables, tree crops, vine crops, rights-of-way, industrial and vegetation management, forestry, range and pasture and other non-crop uses.


Retricted Use: No
Active Ingredient: Drift Reduction Agent
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Similar To: Drift Reduction Agent; Downdraft
Product Density: 8.26 lbs / gal

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Product D&D - Drift Reduction Agent
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Unit Price
Active Ingredients Drift Reduction Agent Non-Ionic Surfactant Metholated Seed Oil Drift Reduction Agent Paraffin Base Petroleum Oil 83% Ammonium Sulfate 48%, Non-Ionic Surfactant 5%
Restricted Use No No No No No No
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