• Cloak 8x5 lb

Cloak Herbicide with Metribuzin

  • Approximate cost: $12.15 per acre
  • Typical application rates:   Soybeans – 4 oz per acre
  • Cloak is an Herbicide that is a dispersible granule formulation which contains the active ingredients Chlorimuron and Metribuzin and is to be mixed with water.
  • Cloak can be applied in the fall, early pre-plant, pre-plant in no-till situations, & pre-emerge.
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Cloak, similar to Canopy DF, with the addition of 2,4D LV6 applied for burndown will help keep your soybean acres clean. The dual mode of action of Chlorimuron and Metribuzin in Cloak will help manage weed resistance and tough-to-control glyphosate resistant weeds. Applications of Cloak + 2-4-D + Buccaneer 5 Extra in the fall will help you achieve a weed free seed bed in the spring.

Active Ingredients Metribuzin + Chlorimuron
Similar to Canopy DF
Restricted Use No

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Cloak 8x5 lb

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