• Me-Too-Lachlor II 265 gal Tote

Me-Too-Lachlor II 265 gal Tote

Me-Too-Lachor™ II Herbicide 265 Gallon Tote

Me-Too-Lachlor™ II is a selective herbicide for residual control of most annual grasses and certain broadleaf weeds.

Also available in 2.5 gallon jugs.

Product Features

Timing flexibility: Pre-plant surface-applied, Pre-plant incorporated, Pre-emergence and Post-emergent treatment
Contains 7.8 pounds of Metolachlor per gallon
For use in aerial, chemigation and ground applications
Can replace Dual II Magnum

Active Ingredients


Similar to

Dual II

Restricted Use


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Me-Too-Lachlor II 265 gal Tote
  • Unit Price: $27.15/Gal